You really can do this...

We believe that yoga is for everyone.  All you need to do to go on this amazing journey is just show up and practice.... Soon enough you will notice you have become more calm on and off the mat. Yoga creates positive change in all aspects of our lives. Yoga is "the settling the mind into silence" so we can be the witness and learn from this amazing life we are a part of..... Oh, and it's pretty fun too!


The Yoga Shala Teachers

We are so fortunate to have these teachers.... We really are.

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Jai is a co-founders of The Yoga Shala. He has a fun loving energy that is contagious! He is highly trained in Dharma Yoga (500 RYT), a Raja Hatha based yoga founded by Yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra. Jai regularly travels to New York to study under Sri Dharma Mittra. He is also a practitioner of Bhakti and kirtan yoga. Jai has had the great opportunity to create a very successful children’s yoga program for all of the schools schools, in our local Provo School District, teaching thousands of kids Dharma Yoga each year. His heart is in the yoga community, he lives to share the healing and positive aspects of yoga. His classes are appropriate for all levels from the beginner to the very advanced. There is a place for everyone in Jai’s classes!



Kim is a co-founder of The Yoga Shala. She and her husband Jai started this place in hopes of creating an inclusive, inviting, and loving place to practice all eight limbs of yoga. Kim is highly trained in Dharma Yoga (500 hr RYT), a Raja Hatha based style of yoga founded by world renowned yoga master, Sri Dharma Mittra. She regularly travels to New York City to recharge and learn from her guru, Sri Dharma Mittra. She teaches a regularly scheduled Dharma yoga class at the middle school where she also teaches math and science. She loves the practice of Dharma Yoga and how this system unapologetically incorporates all eight limbs of ashtanga yoga into the practice. Kim teaches an all-levels Dharma Yoga class on Wednesdays at 5:45 p.m. and Saturdays at 8:30 a.m. Everyone is always welcome!



Megan discovered yoga over 18 years ago.  At first she went to class for the physical aspects of the practice.  As her physical practice evolved, she began finding how yoga was beneficial for not only the physical body, but the mind and soul.  One of her favorite quotes is from the great yoga master Sri K Pattabhi Jois, which states, “Everywhere looking only God seeing.”  Megan believes that yoga allows us to see God, or the Divine, in everything.  It opens our hearts and minds to something greater.  With the practice of Yoga, the mind becomes clear, we become more receptive, and we can be reminded of these truths.  She hopes as she serves her students by sharing and teaching yoga, she will be able to radiate how powerful the practice of yoga is.  She completed her 200 hr yoga certification in January 2018, and is beyond thrilled and honored to share her passion of yoga at The Yoga Shala.



Krista Is our wonderful 6:00 a.m. vinyasa yoga teacher. She completed her 200 hr YTT in 2017 and has been practicing yoga since 2007. She has taught yoga in a local studio and has recently completed her MBA in accounting. She was very intrigued about this practice when she first started, however it wasn't until she began a more regular practice and met some amazing instructors that she fell in love with the mind, body, spirit benefits. She loves sharing the healing aspect of yoga and how this practice provides necessary balance in life. She has studied and practiced many different forms of yoga over the last several years and loves them all (vinyasa, ashtanga, restorative, acro, amrit, nidra, dharma, bikram, tanha). She is so excited for all opportunities to share her love for yoga and the amazing benefits of yoga. She loves to continue to practice and learn!